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Summary: For TwiKinkFest, Prompt 93 - Piercing kink. Slash, Emmett/anyone. Emmett has his lip, tongue, nipples and/or cock pierced. It drives his roommate/boyfriend/fuck-buddy wild and leads to body worship, crazy hot sex and the other guy begging Emmett to get more because he’s just. that. hot.

Pairing – Riley/Emmett – IDEK, I just love those two :D

Rating – M/NC17

Warnings – Umm... piercing play? And MM sexy times? That should be everything... I hope

He got his first at 13. When his friends were playing video games and jerking off to skin mags, Emmett was having holes punched into his skin.

By 18, he was addicted. Loved the feel of someone tugging the bars in his nipples. Twining their tongue with his, their gasp when they landed on the ball bearing in it. People eyeing him up in bars and clubs, taking one look at his lip and imagining what that would feel like on their bodies.

He loves the feel of it. The sting and burn. The stretch, not unlike that one time he’d bottomed. It makes him flush all over. Every-damn- time.

And he had his ears done in 6 different places.

He met Riley the night of his 22nd birthday. They flirted, they fucked, they fell.

But how they got to this point, 3 years later and not a word of that night when they were so drunk that the room was spinning, and not in a good way?

How they got here, in this bed, Riley’s tongue sliding over every inch of skin he could reach? Tugging here and there. Catching on skin warmed metal. Moans reverberating in the box Riley calls his bedroom.

It’s a mystery.

It’s wonderful and unbelievably hot and they aren’t drunk so every nerve in his body is ten times more sensitive, not dulled by the alcohol.

And God, it’s been a while. Longer than a while. And when Riley sinks down on his cock, moans around his flesh, fingers still playing with his nipples, he’s fit to explode.

“So hot Em.” Riley gasps, pulling off to lave at the tip, teasing the just healed piercing there. “When you text me? The first thing I did after text you back was jerk off.”

Emmett moans, the combination of Riley’s sultry voice and sinuous tongue are enough to work a shudder down his spine.

“You’re lucky I was at home. I just dropped my pants and did it right there. With the thought of how hot it would be to suck your dick when you were all healed up. How it would feel in my mouth. You have no idea how hot it is.” He groans, shifting up to let Emmett’s wandering fingers slide further inside of him.

“No fucking idea.” His breath hitches and they slip backwards until Emmett settles with his back to the wall, watching Riley writhe on top of him.

“You starred in my dreams for weeks. Every time I thought about it, I got hard. It was like being 16 again. And then you were spread out on that table with that guy between your legs and you were sweating. Weren’t even nervous. I could tell you were dying for it. You know, you still go off on a ramble of how amazing it is when you get smashed. Remember that last time? What was the place called?”

“Off the Wall.” Emmett mumbles, indicating with a nod of his head that he should continue.

“There were girls everywhere, hanging off you, hanging off me. And when one of them asked you why you had so many piercings. You started. ‘I love the feeling. The  sting.  The  burn.  I  like  a  little  pain  with  my  pleasure’”

And God knows that last bit was just inherently true.

“Your dimples came out full force. And it took everything in me not to lean over and lick them.

And then you text me.”

He moans, Emmett moans, moving against eachother in desperation.

“Fucking hurry.” Riley says, sweat slick fingers slipping off of Emmett’s skin.

It doesn’t take long to stretch Riley out and they are both sweating with anticipation by the time he is ready.

Slowly, inch by inch, Riley sinks down on top of him. Whimpering in a way he would later deny when he was fully seated and could feel the metal of Emmett’s Prince Albert pressing against his insides. He wiggled experimentally, lifted up the tiniest amount and sunk back down. Sweat trickling down his spine, Riley began moving in earnest.

Back and forth









Stopping suddenly and grinding down hard.

Within minutes they were both panting. So close after the weeks of waiting. He knew though, that the wait would make it better. So much better for the both of them.

He’d been right.

It was wonderful.

Emmett grunted, shifting Riley higher, fucking him properly now.

Quickly, knowing they had only seconds until it was all over, Riley moved his fingers down from the thick shoulders of his lover, to the piercings in his nipples, tugging gently.

Then up to his lip, playing gently with the ring that adorned the left side of it.

Sliding his tongue against Emmett’s and stroking the ball there aswell.

“You’re getting m...more of these. More... for me to with.”

Gasping. Moaning. Groaning.

When he came, Emmett saw stars.

Mainly because he thunked his head against the wall so hard he had a bump for three days, but also because the wait had been excruciating.

He had never gone this long without sex. But that hadn’t been the only thing he’d been waiting for.

He smiled down at Riley, resting against his chest, and decided then and there, that he’d do whatever Riley wanted him to do. He’d get more piercings. Tattoo’s. Let Riley mark him up however he wanted.

Because falling in love wasn’t unlike getting something pierced.

The adrenaline and fear. The tug and pull. The give and take.

The pleasure and the day to day.

Riley shifted and they both realised how dirty they were. Come slick and sweaty.

“We really need to shower.”

Riley sat up slowly, gazing down at the body below him.

“You know...” He murmured. “Seeing how much I like your metal, maybe I should get some. My eyebrow, maybe my tongue...” He waggled his eyebrows and Emmett’s dick made a valiant effort to rise again. “Now that would make morning blow jobs interesting. My metal clinking against yours. Sliding along your cock. Teasing and tormenting.”

Emmett moaned.

Fuck. They were actually going to kill eachother.


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