Apr. 9th, 2012

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Title: Who Are They Alone?
Fandom: Franklin and Bash!
Pairing: Jared Franklin/Peter Bash
Rating: PG-13 for M/M kissing and mentions of M/M sex
Word Count: 444 words
Summary: From fastfoodjunkie - Kissing! Peter and Jared kissing, starts off light and chaste and turns into hungry and passionate. Wherever, I don't care. Couch. Office. Hot tub. Just exploring each other's mouths for the billionth time because it's their favourite way to relax.
Warnings: Hmm, kissing, mentions of M/M sexy times... thats it I think.

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Title: Hammers and Needles
Pairing: Jared Franklin/Peter Bash
Rating: M
Word Count: 469 words
Prompt: So this might sound weird, but from his reaction on the show I think Jared would be more aggressive in the relationship, but the height difference kinda kills it. So... I was wondering if someone could write Jared daydreaming or ya know, spanking the monkey to fantasies of him being the larger of the two! And in these daydreams, he manhandles Peter all the time lol adorable!! Please please and thank you!!
Warnings: Unbeta'd porn, that's what this is.
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Summary: For TwiKinkFest, Prompt 93 - Piercing kink. Slash, Emmett/anyone. Emmett has his lip, tongue, nipples and/or cock pierced. It drives his roommate/boyfriend/fuck-buddy wild and leads to body worship, crazy hot sex and the other guy begging Emmett to get more because he’s just. that. hot.

Pairing – Riley/Emmett – IDEK, I just love those two :D

Rating – M/NC17

Warnings – Umm... piercing play? And MM sexy times? That should be everything... I hope

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Apr. 9th, 2012 09:20 pm
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I don't really know what this is. I wrote it as Cole/Leo at 2am and it's in a weird narrative voice that I love! but that was really really odd to write.

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