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Okay so I just finished watching Teen Wolf and it usually takes me a good few days and lots of talking about it to really form an opinion, but this week, within 10 minutes of the end I had decided how I felt. And honestly? I just wasn’t impressed.

This week was the first time when I’ve honestly just thought “Well what was the point of that episode? Why did I just spend 40 minutes watching this?” Nothing really happened. We already knew that Matt was the Master. We knew his death (actually, did he die? Or did Mr Lahey resuscitate him or what? That bit made no sense to me) had something to do with the swim team, and really none of what we found out about him mattered anyway, since he’s properly dead now.

The things I really wanted to know weren’t explained, such as what the hell Peter is doing/planning on doing? Why is Gerard such an arsehole all the time? Why the HELL did Scott agreed to spy on Derek, of all bloody people, for Gerard? What’s happening with Lydia now? Is there actually more than one Kanima? Is Danny finally going to find out what’s going on? Is the guidance counsellor also an ‘advisor’ to werewolves? Why didn’t Derek ask Dr Deaton the Vet more questions? Particularly questions about his family and how best to be a proper Alpha? Is Peter ALSO an Alpha? How did he come back to life? Seriously, I could go on all day.

Really, I think this ep was mostly just the requisite ‘action’ episode.  All it told us was stuff we either didn’t actually need to know or kind of did but wasn’t that interesting, and also that Gerard is an arse that would manipulate a grieving teenager.

Which reminds me, why is it that the Argents/ the parents/the vet/teachers/the police haven’t yet decided to cut the teenagers, (and Derek the emotionally compromised 26 year old whose past is so riddled by loss I am still not entirely sure he is emotionally stable enough to function in day-to-day life, never mind in the situation he is now, with a newly turned pack of 16 year olds and crazy hunters and just general crap going down every day. Not forgetting the whole Peter thing.) some slack. Why don’t they HELP them?? That’s my biggest bug-bear this series. Just tell somebody who could HELP you UGH.

Not going to lie either, I’m still holding out on Derek going back to being a beta and Peter taking over the pack and making peace with the hunters and sorting everything out.

Also, the way Gerard treat Matt, how they all treat Matt to be honest, I thought was done clumsily and heavy handed and when Matt was killed I genuinely felt sick. I was just sitting there thinking “Well that was needless. And if it continues to be needless and pointless it’s doubtful I will watch.” For the first time I’ve felt as though the possibility of Sterek (despite the awesome Stiles-falling-on-Derek and ensuing escape/rescue/paralysed together situation) isn’t enough to keep me interested if we continue to be left out of the loop. 10 episodes in and I have more questions than ever.

Why do I watch this show again? Someone please remind me.
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