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So incredibly happy that James and Jahmene are in the X Factor final 2! I love James Arthur so incredibly much, he has a gorgeous voice and I want his album ASAP. I'm not Jahmene's biggest fan but whatever, I won't be too sad if he wins (though I'm ngl I think his album would bomb)

Watching Merlin now. Apparently there have been a lot of bad things happening this week and I'm really not here for it being shit when we only have 3 eps left :/

I had a really awful fall when I was skating yesterday. I'm not a skinny girl and I was on my toe picks trying to do these steps and so I fell from my full height straight onto the ice. Woke up at 4am in agony and all my pelvis is still aching a day later.

Sister and I spent the night watching tv and pigging out. We did a run to Tesco earlier and spent £20 on sweets and chocolate. Then we spent half an hour belting out a couple of songs. She can't sing, bless, but it was fun to bond over something other than One Direction for once.

Apparently the snooker is on. I watched it last year, but this year with XFactor and Strictly and Merlin and One Direction I genuinely forgot and its a bit late now. Next year! I do enjoy chatting about it with the lovely [ profile] jekesta.

Fic Things:
Rowing AU - 6438
A/B/O verse (I posted part one a couple of days ago and it's gotten 2k hits on AO3! I still can't believe it!!) - 4267
Skating AU - 907

Yay! I have made actual words this week. In total, 991 words and I'm writing more A/B/O verse at the moment. Not really lots, but I was pretty distracted worrying about A/B/O being posted! It's here, if you're wondering: 

I took Thursday off this week and spent the day marathoning Doctor Who. And then I wrote some Master/Doctor D/s because I have FEELS about them. 

"When he first lays out the proposal, both of them are shocked, wide eyed with wonder, breath catching in their chests, four hearts beating faster with want.

He says “You could be beautiful”, he says “Lets travel the universe together”, he says, “I will get on my knees for you, every day until the end of time if you just leave them alone. Leave here. That’s a reasonable trade yes? Me, for a piddly little planet you didn’t want to begin with?”

“You’ll call me Master?” he asks, and the Doctor nods, as much as he can with his forehead still lashed to the bench.

“I will do whatever you ask.” he says, and he means it.

They spend one hundred years learning each other, how to be around each other every minute of every day, because the Doctor may belong to his Master in body, but he still feels like a jailer in his soul.

The Doctor learns what his Master likes, what he wants, learns to read him and anticipate him and, most importantly, to breathe through the pain.

He learns how it feels to be tied completely immobile, naked and stretched along the harsh metal of the TARDIS floor.

He learns what it feels like to hurt from wanting, to be desperate to touch and  He learns more about pleasure and pain in those first 2 weeks than he had in the previous 900 years.

His Master is not a patient teacher, he takes and takes and never gives anything tangible in return. Except maybe the bruises and rope burn, the scars and aches, the taste of him, the touch of him, engraved on the skin of his Doctor."


They fight about everything. He may secede to his Master in the end, but he’s mouthy. His Master likes that sometimes, likes his rambling sentences and debates about the ethics of meddling with time, likes it even more when he gets to shut him up, with his fingers sometimes, or his cock. His Master drowns out the ever present sound of the drums with the noises the Doctor makes, actions timed perfectly so that his moans and whimpers and desperate begging cover the incessant TAP-TAP-TAP-TAP

I can't think of what else I did this week, apart from a lot of school. I have all my mock exams next week and then Christmas! And then proper exams :((

Now for my fic rec!

these tornadoes are for you

by withmyteethsharper

G, Zayn Malik/Liam Payne (Unrequited), Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

summary: after the first bottle and half of the second, harry picks up louis' guitar and plays it in that careful way he always does because he's still not confident with's a song he wrote a year ago about someone he was fucking or wanted to fuck, louis never asked.

(this is an alternate universe where the boys are in a punk band and there is pining and lots of self-indulgent music talk)

read it because: niall is the first one out, as usual, sliding behind his drum set and twirling the sticks in his hands. the lights are dim, but louis can tell there are more people here than their usual gigs. harry adjusts the height of the microphone and clears his throat. “we’re london halflife,” he says, voice confident. “this song is called ‘hips like cinderella’.”

it’s one of the first songs harry wrote. it sounds young and desperate and too noisy every time. harry is so fucking into it, leaning out into the crowd and they’ve probably never seen this too-skinny mess of a boy before in their lives, but they fucking eat him up, let him scream don’t know about you into their faces. louis sometimes thinks that even without the band, harry would be doing this - standing under bright lights, green eyes blazing, long fingers around a microphone. harry’s eyes are wild, cheeks flushed and louis can’t help himself, he walks over and runs his hand up harry’s neck to where his hair is sweaty and sticking to his skin. he curls his fingers in and harry’s immediately tilts his head into it, waiting for louis to pull, because apparently he likes that. louis presses his face into harry’s shoulder and keeps playing.

liam starts playing faster and harry is breathing heavily into the mic, which is all part of the build-up of the song. louis starts panting into his mic, too, breathier, higher pitched and he remembers thinking it wouldn’t work when harry first added this part after a writing session with zayn. then harry is screaming and liam is lighting the crowd up with his guitar fucking god skills and the song ends in a rush of noise.

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