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Okay so I completely forgot to do this AGES ago and then I got a new laptop for Christmas and I'm trying to work out how it works and then LJ was down for SOOOO LOOONGG also I've been crying about everything but especially hockey and One Direction and exams.

It's Wednesday and I'm going to do my Gov and Politics exam in about an hour. Actually felt okay about it yesterday but now I'm bricking myself so. Wish me luck! I have more exams next week and then months of coursework and then more exams and then I'm home free. Well, if I get into the school I want to go to next year.

[EDIT: I think the exam went okay. Fingers crossed I passed!!]

I decided to start a document of all the fic and books I read this year because last year I felt like I didn't read anything because it was mostly fic but if you add it all up it's ridiculous. 2 and a bit weeks in and I've already way surpassed 1 million words. ONE MILLION. Let that sink in.

I've written things! I have some more rowing au and I'm just desperate to finish it now. I've completely redone yoga au and that's coming along nicely only I'm a bit stick now. My very favourite people to help with fic have been busy lately and I haven't spoken t [ profile] i_am_ammo n so long I'm beginning to doubt that she's actually a person. Maybe she's a figment of my imagination and I made her up I don't know. Anyway, I also have some actual fleshed out bits of skating au and I think I'm getting better at dialogue? I think. You guys will have to tell me. 

I posted a Doctor/Master ficlet thing the other day when I'd had a lot of wine and watched Inception with my Dad. He hated it (Inception not the porny oneshot) because it was 'too intellectual'. I don't understand how I am the product of such a man I really don't.

I have actually very little to do which is nice. I have to tidy up and exams obv and fic to write and a bunch of things to read (These Inconvenient Fireworks, Millie fic, a couple of books that I can't remember the titles of right now, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which I've been trying and failing to read for TWO WHOLE YEARS idk it just makes me really sad and I find it hard to read lots of it in one go) and soon I'll have coursework.

I'm growing my hair back! because as much as I've loved having it short as fuck the last couple of years I kind of loved it when it was long and I had the ability to do stuff with it. I never did, but it was nice that I could if I wanted (or if I had any skill with hair)

I miss Franklin and Bash A LOT and I blam [ profile] jekesta or that because she posted about how pretty MPG is and I watched Garfield the other day and suddenly I want my lawyers back. Suits and White Collar return soon!! I might get up and do a dance I'm actually that excited.

I'm taking a break from watching Hawaii Five-0 because I watched 2 seasons in about a week and I get sick of things very quickly when I'm watching them for 6 hours a day.

I have to watch more of The L Word because I fucking LOVE IT why did nobody direct me to this show before what's wrong with you all.

I started watching Revenge when the first season aired over here but I didn't have time at the time and then last weekend Five Star or someone did a one hour catch up special followed by the first ep of season 2 and I watched that and I'm HOOKED again. I watched a couple more episodes last night and I'm really enjoying it and I love Nolan stupid ridiculous amounts but also WHO WAS ON THE AMANDA WHEN YOU SAW IT SUNK AT THE BEGINNING OF THE FIRST EP?? It's giving me anxiety.

A few nights ago I dreamt I met Jake Bass when I was in a bar with my Mum. I asked for his autograph (as you do) and my Mum was like 'Oh! So where do you know this guy from?' and he piped up with 'I used to do porn' (clearly he was retired at this point) and I DIED of mortification because that's not something you ever want your mother to know. I spent the next few days avoiding eye contact.

It's snowing here! Which sucks! Because my driving test was scheduled for yesterday after 3 months of waiting and I couldn't take it because of the snow! My new test date is the middle of February but it means paying for more lessons because none of my family own a manual car and everything SUCKED yesterday. So I stayed in bed instead of going to my classes. Whatever.

THE LOCKOUT IS OVER. OMFG I don't think you guys have seen the extent of my love for hockey yet, but it is COMING and the Blackhawks are playing on Sunday and I'm so excited I might wee (except not because why aren't they opening with Kaner and Johnny on the same line? Or have I missed something entirely, I am new to this sport okay)

My skating is going GREAT. Just, in case you were wondering. Though the rink has been packed for two weeks and I blame Dancing On Ice for all of that.

I could talk about sport all day okay because March is F1 season and I'm so fucking excited to see how Kimi does this year. Lotus were amazingly consistent in 2012 and I'm hoping that the reemergence of Kimi's style from around 2007 towards the end of 2012 will mean he has a chance in 2013 (that was a lot of two thousands). I have a feeling some of the guys are going to be feeling a bit unsettled, what with all the moving around. But Kimi is Kimi and I trust he knows exactly what he's doing.

I should do a fic rec. Yes. 

love is a contact sport

by hazel and mermaid

summary "And the tragic reality of Patrick's life is that even though they broke up over a year ago, he and Johnny still play beautiful hockey together." A high school AU, featuring dream-fish, bad movie dates, and a little bit of magic.

read it because All of it really but especially "The movie they pick is some stupid teen drama about debate team and succeeding despite the odds, where the ugly girl takes off her cardigan and glasses and then gets crowned as prom queen. It's right at the end of its run, and so bad that there's nobody else in the theater at 4pm on a Sunday in late July, and Johnny leads them straight to the middle of the very back row, settles down next to Pat, and puts the bucket of popcorn on the seat beside him. Pat doesn't think they're going to be watching much of the movie.

They're kissing pretty intensely by the end of the trailers—one of them looks pretty decent, going by the sounds of the explosions and the voiceover saying, "This Christmas, only one man can deliver the presents. He just has to get out of prison first."

Pat tries for a second to pull away and tell Johnny that they should definitely go see that one, and Johnny just says, "Sure, it's a date, whatever," clearly frustrated, and then sneakily distracts Pat by sticking his hand up the back of Pat's shirt and his tongue back in Pat's mouth.

The usher comes in and breaks them up, and Pat's really fucking grateful for his baseball cap because it totally hides their faces a little—at least, it hide his ace; Johnny's lips are all red and swollen and his eyes ar huge nd dark and his hair's sticking up madly when the flashlight is shone directly at him.

Pat laughs the moment the usher lets herself out, muttering about damn teenagers. "Your hair looks stupid, man."

Johnny snorts. "You did it."

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