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Umm I did the rest of my exams this week and I decided that my linguistics coursework topic is going to be: 'The changing role of women in James Bond' with an accompanying piece that I'll post here when it's been marked otherwise I get in trouble. 

I think I'm going out with friends tonight. I don't know yet, Phillip hasn't text me.

I feel like I have nothing exciting to say, I've just been working tbh.

I have a bunch of new WIP's on the go but I've discovered that without I_am_ammunition I can't seem to finish anything :(

I'm caught up to Revenge, White Collar and Suits so I have nothing to watch either.

I'm just going to just give you my fic rec and be done with it I really don't even know what to say. I'm boring!

If I Took You Home

by svmadelyn

summary This is a story about true love overcoming the hugest (no, seriously, th hugest) of obstacles.

read it because: THIS WAS SO GOOD. Kind of cracky but also serious as well. Well worth reading!!

After fumbling to wrap his towel around himself tighter, Kaner's still and silent, so Jonathan continues. "So, uh, here's the thing. I think we should try it." He didn't actually know he was going to say that until--well, until right now, actually, but fuck, his dick is rock-hard right now, and it's completely, utterly good with this whole new idea.

"Try what," Kaner sighs, fingers picking at the loose threads of his towel.

"You, with me, and that," Jonathan says, motioning at Kaner's dick. He's never been fucked by a guy before and he's only had that one time with Megan wearing the strap-on, even though he's maybe considered it once or twice after--the point is, now that he's thinking about it, the idea is one hundred percent doing it for him. He's more than a little weirded out at just how much just the idea of it doing for him--he feels more turned on than he's been in the middle of actual sex.

Kaner, inside of him--Kaner likes being first with things, or at things, and he should be on board with that.
Kaner working that massive, crazy sized dick inside of him--does physics even work that way? Will it even remotely fit? Jonathan tries to employ spatial reasoning to make the mental images work and they just, they don't, but...he can't wrap his head around anything about Kaner not working for him, not fitting with him.

Kaner, getting the fuck over himself, and getting on board with what Jonathan's been saying here--
Kaner is just staring at him blankly.

"You, fucking me, with that," Jonathan clarifies, feels redundant and stupid when "with your dick" falls out of his mouth, and then he fidgets, because, holy shit, he actually said it. He's ready for it when Kaner tries to twist away, and wraps his thigh over Kaner's leg. "Hey, it's okay. Look, you and I have been--tiptoeing around this thing between us for ages now. You know it, and I know it."

Kaner's eyes are wide and blue and clearly, clearly wild, so Jonathan talks faster. "I want to do this. I can't stop thinking about it, you don't even know. So, I think we should."

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