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So its all sports all the time in my house right now. Hawks in about 30 minutes, keeping my eye on the Pens until then.

F1 season starts too I might cry I'm so excited to see how Kimi does this year. He has a great car, a great season and a lot of experience, I'm so excited to see how that transfers to the track.

England beat Ireland in the Six Nations today which is so fucking exciting!! Because we beat Scotland the other day and basically this year is looking good for us.

Once again the GB Olympic hockey team failed to qualify for the olympics. I'm not even surprised anymore. Is anyone? I'm just keeping my eye on the NHL because I can't even imagine Winter Olympic hockey without NHL players and there's been some wank concerning that since the end of the lockout.

I've been reading fic and writing a little bit but mostly just UGH life. It's just coursework, coursework, revision, apply for student loan, pray that you didn't bomb your exams. Rinse and repeat.

Being Human is SO GOOD I could talk about it all day but I won't just know that if you aren't watching this season then you are seriously missing out.

I went to a really great party on Friday and got a caricature done. It's awesome and looks amazingly like me which I guess is the point.

Danielle Caricature Jess Party HH406

But then the next day I went out and had a really embarrassing fall and I scraped my leg and my hand and my brand new shoes. It was basically shit. Then I had a huge fight with my parents about piercings again because I want a couple more done which I negotiated with them last year and I'm like it's my body and also this shit heals it's not like I'm getting a tattoo??

Anyway, I might do a fic rec tomorrow but I really can't be arsed right now to figure out the formatting.

Wish me and the Hawks luck tonight please!


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