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I got my twitter archive yesterday and omg it's probably the best thing ever created ever. So this week has been 'Lets revisit Danielle's hilarious tweets from the last 2 years.'


I MEAN I JUST SUITS?? I'm trying to be coherent right now but I mean it was so exciting and awful and I love Mike so much but I'm a bit pissed at him because of the whole Katrina thing (is she called Katrina?) because I feel guilty that I don't like her but omg should I just like her because she's a strong female character or should I stop feeling guilty because she's hateful I don't even know. ANd I'm really really pissed at Harvey for sleeping with Scottie AGAIN omg just would you PLEASE LEAVE I DONT LIKE YOU AT ALL.

Why does it seem like White Collar isn't on every week but like every 10 days or something ew yuck I don't like it.

Revenge! Why isn't Revenge on my tv ALL THE DAMN TIME because I just love it so much. Nolan is my very favourite character I think maybe ever. Why am I so drawn to the geek or the bad boy it's a disease. A DISEASE.

HOCKEY HOCKEY HOCKEY all the damn time. I mean [ profile] jekesta put it best: "I can't believe all the hockey. I am friends with lots of different hockey fans, all from different parts of my flist, and it is apparently on EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY. It's overwhelming, but better than when everyone was just sad and glum about the Awfulness."

So yes all hockey all the time and last night I skated and then I ate a banana really quickly and I just felt awful so I went to bed when I got in at 6, woke up at 3am just in time to catch the last 3 minutes of an AMAZING game against the Sharks and then I passed out again until 8 this morning. So interesting day?

I finished my lit coursework! I think I'm going to post it online eventually because it's a feminist analysis of Frankenstein and I am really fucking proud of it. Now I juts have to finish my breakdown on James Bond and it's reflection on society in the 60's and 2012 so that's the plan for today.

OOH I've had another Vodka Sunrise today and I had about three the other day and they are AWESOME. Go get one or make one or something ITS SO PRETTY.

I'm doing my bi-annual Fast and Furious rewatch and I think I'm going to skip number 3 because that's what the rest of the franchise is doing. I mean, Han has been in the last 2 and is probably going to be in the next 2 despite the fact that he died in number 3. The timeline is fucked up. So I'm watching number 2 and I'm STILL HAVING Dom/Brian FEELS NONE OF THIS IS FAIR.

I wrote Kaner/Tazer blow job porn so you'll be getting that soonish


Did I tell you all that I'm making a list of all the fic I read this year? So far I'm at 3346720 words that's a lot of damn words right? So anyway this week:

Tiptoe Through Our Shiny City

by ithacas

pairing: Harry/Louis

summary: The one where they’re two strangers on a train and end up spending the day in Paris. Because that’s what you do when you’re young and definitely not in love.

read it because: This is the first of a 2 part series and I think there's going to be more but it's beautiful and bittersweet and lovely.

They bicker all the way through the market, never letting go of each other once, agreeing only when Louis spots a stand with books yellowed enough to convince himself they’re more than a decade old and Harry whines on his shoulder until he notices the box of records nearby. Louis’ leafing through a worn out copy of Les Mis - at least he assumes so, the writing is so faded and so French that it’s difficult to make out, but if Éponine and Cosette are anything to go by, he might just have use his bargaining skills - when he hears a familiar melody distinguish itself from the mutterings of the noisy tourists. He slaps a hand over his eyes but doesn’t attempt to hide the smile as he watches Harry play air guitar along with Blondie. Harry grins goofily in answer, looking more like a child than a grown up wannabe rockstar, and Louis loses it there and then, putting Victor Hugo down and clasping his hand in Harry’s. He pulls him down just enough so they’re at the same height - as long as he stands on his toes - and presses a sloppy, closed-mouthed kiss on Harry’s lips.

There are a few wolf whistles as he lets go but he’s concentrating too much on Harry to feel embarrassed. Harry looks awfully dazed, blinking slowly, his cheeks pink from the cold and his mouth wet and red, but a lazy smile makes its appearance on his face, dimples dug deep. “What was that for?” he asks, his voice even more damnably slow.

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