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Okay, but I've been a hockey fan since last summer and it's kind of difficult coming into a new sport and at first not caring about anything but the fic but slowly being sucked into the actual sport part and then having your hopes and dreams crushed by a lockout and watching the guys you idolise hurt because they want to play hockey and the lockout really fucked up some guys financially and then hockey came back and suddenlyI had to learn all these rules while I was being dazzled by the way these guys play like they aren't on ice, like the ice is a part of them

This got sappy very quickly, but my point is, I'm still learning the sport and how things work and now they've come in and fucked with the divisions? And I'm not really sure how this stuff works? But they're having a playoffs wildcard and the top scoring teams from each division are automatically entered and so are the next best 2 from each division and I'm really not sure whats going on and if this will make the playoff run better? And I don't like change, not when I'm just getting the hang of the old system whilst having my heart stomped all over by my Hawks.

On the other hand they made a really pretty diagram to explain how this is all divided up, though it doesn't really explain things in layman's terms. IM TRYING OKAY.

Pretty diagram:

Here have a fic rec because I'm frustrated and I haven't done my weekly post and I have a to do list a mile long but no motivation to do anything but browse tumblr and write snippets of shitty dialogue.

If This Is Love by sunsetmog


85591 words

summary: (This was really just wonderful and it had an angst middle and a gorgeous ending and it's just genuinely a must read)
He's not fucking thirty yet, but he is way too old for Harry fucking Styles.

Or: Nick Grimshaw has done some stupid, ridiculous, mad things in his life, but falling for Harry Styles might be the stupidest thing yet.


Actually you can have a snippet of the fic I'm working on too, how's that?

It’s dark in the room and the rain is loud but Liam still hears him when Zayn pulls away from his neck and mumbles “Do you ever wonder why they call them lovebites?” before he dives back in, sucking hard to pull blood to the surface of Liam’s skin.

“Because...” and Liam’s voice hitches under the attention of Zayn’s mouth, “Because you give them to people you love?” Zayn laughs, says,

“Aww Liam, that’s dead romantic.” There’s a moment where it’s quiet but for the rain and the sucking sound of the kisses Zayn is pressing to Liam’s shoulders. “But what about, like, sex ones?” he finally says, and ducks his head again, tongue flickering against the mottled mess of Liam’s neck. “D’ya think it’s because people really love getting them?” and snorts at his own joke.

Liam laughs softly, but he can’t help but think, when Zayn is riding down into the crease of his hip, skin sweaty and sticky, hearts pounding from the exertion, mouth sealed around the skin where Liam's birthmark is and sucking hard in time with the shifting of their hips, that Zayn had it right. Liam loves the feel of it, Zayn’s mouth on his skin. And he loves how the marks turn blue and purple overnight, loves that he can press his thumb to them when loving Zayn makes his breath freeze in his lungs and his heart stutter in surprise.

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