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Title: Hammers and Needles
Pairing: Jared Franklin/Peter Bash
Rating: M
Word Count: 469 words
Prompt: So this might sound weird, but from his reaction on the show I think Jared would be more aggressive in the relationship, but the height difference kinda kills it. So... I was wondering if someone could write Jared daydreaming or ya know, spanking the monkey to fantasies of him being the larger of the two! And in these daydreams, he manhandles Peter all the time lol adorable!! Please please and thank you!!
Warnings: Unbeta'd porn, that's what this is.

He thinks about it sometimes. When his hand is slipsliding over his own flesh. When Peter isn't there to pluck the thoughts from his face. 

It’s happened before.

He and Peter having been friends for so long, living together for years, spending every last minute together, that there was bound to be a somewhat carnal side to their regular relationship.
As teenagers, instead of doing as their friends were, namely asking out girls who would turn them down in increasingly humiliating ways before heading home and frantically jerking off to the thought, Jared and Peter practically had a helping hand on tap. Sideways glance here, fingers brushing over the tops of thighs, and within 5 minutes they'd be side by side, hands working over eachothers cocks.

Jared remembers that time when they were just turned 17, his thoughts lazily drifting to the things that would get him off. Peter had turned to him, just after they had started, not anywhere near the point where he or Jared were on the verge of blowing, and noticed something. Later Jared thought to himself, that Peter was always the more observant of the two. It was still a surprise though, when he turned his head, sunk his teeth into the flesh of Jared’s neck and hung on when his slight best friend had practically come on the spot.
So Jared knows that he can only... indulge, when Peter isn't there.

He lets his mind wander.

He thinks about their height difference. How even though Jared has the broader shoulders, Peter is just taller. Bigger, all over. His hands able to cover vast swathes of Jared's skin.

And then he reverses it. Imagines being the taller one. The one who could pick 
Peter up, slam him to a wall and hold him there with his hand wrapped slightly below Peters throat. He imagines being able to toss him around. Manhandling him across the Cave, practically carrying him to one of their bedrooms, bending him over and pounding him into a sweaty, sated, sticky, fucked out mess. 

His hand is flying over his dick faster, the other reaching down to roll his tightening balls in his palm. 

He thinks about leaving fingerprint bruises on Peter’s hips, like Peter does to him and he's done. Exploding over his hand and stomach, stroking himself through the aftershocks, a little whimper escaping when it becomes too much, toes curling at the hot flash of pleasurepain.

He sinks back on the bed, willing his limbs to regain use so he can stumble into the shower before Peter gets back.

This is one fantasy that he doesn't want Peter to know, one thing he will hide from his best friend. He doesn't want him to see Jared’s face once he's come down. Doesn't want him to see the tears that well up when he's hit with the crushing realisation that though he's more confident, more dominant, in their romantic relationship, the bedroom is Peter's territory.

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