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I have a lot of issues with fanfiction being discussed by uneducated and disrespectful general media and I don't expect Radio 4 to do any better, however, I am going to listen to it and I really hope that by including actual fanfic writers the general tone won't be too offensive.

I'll be adding to this post after I've listened but for now I'm just going to copy my immediate reactions (which I posted on twitter first so excuse the profuse swearing and such) and edit later.

Here's the article about the show
I am already offended by the BBC Radio 4 show on fanfiction because they called it "The Strange World of Fan Fiction" ex-fucking-cuse you??

Why 'strange'? It really pisses me off that people who don't understand it feel the need to comment on it. My lit teacher last year said 
that what I wrote was 'Fifty Shades but homoerotic' and it really really upset me. She's never read any of my stuff, what right does she have to comment? Absolutely none. This show better be done well or the BBC are getting a seriously scathing email

"Naomi talks to 'fanfic' writers and professional authors" also, I consider myself a writer. Just that. Writing fanfic doesn't make me any less than the so-called professionals

Also: "The homoerotic sub-genre known as Slash fiction also has a huge following among heterosexual women as readers and writers." I'm not a heterosexual woman and yet I read and write it. Tbh I'm never going to be satisfied with the media talking about fanfic unless its donerespectfully. Otherwise, don't even try it. We are a HUGE and close knit society, you don't get to fuck with that without consequences


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