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I was just talking about how I basically use LJ as fandom facebook and then I realised I'm a hypocrite because my last facebook post before last night was about 6 months ago and I don't think I've done an actual LJ post where I tell you things ever.

On the agenda today:

I cannot spell hypocrite. I needed to use my google spell checker word inserter thing both times this makes me a bad english student.

I think I might try and do one of these posts every week. A round up post that rounds up all the atrocious grammatical errors, fic faux pas and terrible life choices I have made during the week. Saturday feels like a good day to do this because I have no social life (okay that's a lie I was at parties the last two friday's but still) and Saturdays I have to have early nights so I tend to just blog away into the early hours.

Fic things: I hit 4.4k on my rowing AU this week and unless you follow me on twitter you probably don't know about rowing AU but I cant be arsed to talk about it right now so yeah.

I have too many WIP's to even look at right now.

I have a finished Alpha/Omega fic I wrote for/with Jess (aka. [ profile] i_am_ammo) and I need a beta but I can't find one :((( It makes me sad because I love beta'ing and I do it for a couple of people regularly and for a couple of others occasionally and I pre-read and chat fic with people all the time and yet there is not one person I can find to check over my 4k of One Direction PWP and stroke my ego. 

EDIT: The lovely [ profile] hazzalovescats has volunteered yay! So you'll be getting that (and the sequel I'm working on right now ahh) ASAP :))

I just saw someone's wonderfully organised and colour coded google drive and I am extremely jealous and I'm going to go make mine even prettier.

I've been kind of on and off sick this week and took a bunch of days off and now I have work that was due yesterday but since I didn't go in I didn't bother doing it... I can't decide whether to go in Monday and just pretend I was too sick to do anything and/or pretend that I have done it and that I forgot it and then end up rushing it Monday night to take in Tuesday. Who am I kidding, I'm going to do that.

I can't decide what fandom I want to read in at the moment and though I had a Teen Wolf day this week and read a bunch of things, none of them really stood out and so today I read some 1D, some Inception, some Supernatural, some hockey RPF and some Q-centric Skyfall fic and I enjoyed some of it, and some of it was awful. There was this fic I read this morning that I finished and literally just said:

tweet 1
and then
tweet 2
so that was a pretty bad start. Also because I woke up with a hang over this morning because last night I was at my friends 18th and I didn't get completely blaked, but I was pretty bad. Enough that I didn't remember that I'd set out painkillers, multi vitamins and water for myself. I had a great time and at the beginning of the night I took this photo of me and my friend Sam (it wasn't her birthday), I am on the right!

me and sammy 3

I organised my lappy desktop this week and it looks nice and tidy now

I have exams in a few weeks and I'm so worried about them but not worried enough to actually do more work or anything oops

I have another driving lesson tomorrow at 9am which is awful and it's really icy and foggy at the moment so I'm absolutely dreading that

Fic Rec (this will have to be a weekly thing because I always feel like I should be doing these and mostly I just do it on twitter but I do read atleast one fic a week that needs a proper rec SO in the style of my favourite comm 1D Hot Recs I give you)

(he's) so much more like spiderman than you will ever, ever be (Q-centric, Skyfall)

by [ profile] paperclipbitch

Q, Bond, Eve (slight Q/Bond, implied Bond/everyone, etc etc etc), PG-13, 4825 words

“Bond, we’re Q branch, we’ve forgotten more about your sexual partners than you knew about them in the first place.”

read it because: [viii]

Fred’s got a girlfriend who willingly makes them all cupcakes because it’s still early days and Fred probably lies to her about how lovely all his co-workers are. Kimberley’s got a girlfriend in the CIA and an ex-boyfriend who works in the Pentagon who they use as an asset more often than is probably legal. Serge is a bit of a manwhore because he has pretty eyes, while Sanjit has a secret and desperate love for Jane Austen that probably means he’s going to end up earnestly married sometime, or at least die trying.

Q hasn’t got Karen figured out yet, but that’s fine, because Karen hasn’t got them figured out either.

“We don’t like labels,” Q offers her after a long and complicated conversation about agents Q hasn’t slept with, and agents he has, and things that still go under Classified Information, while they’re waiting for a new software programme to download. 

Karen mutely points to the wall of drawers, which are covered in printed sticky labels covered in small, accurate Helvetica detailing what they contain, down to the last screw size. Some things can’t be slapdash, after all.

“You’ll get the hang of it,” Q offers her; “welcome to Q branch: we run on fluid sexuality, CSS and caffeine.”

Karen retains her sweetly bemused expression.

“Oh, yes,” he adds, “and Haribo.”

I think that might be it!

Ta ta for this week loves! *mwah*


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